Welcome to the web home of the 2017 Dallas Mustangs, the reigning 2017 Travelball National Champions! Click Here for our 2017 Mid-season National Rankings & Team Highlights.  We are currently ranked #2 in the Nation.

This team is a part of the “Original” Sam Carpenter Mustangs that dates back to the mid 1980’s. The club has sent numerous kids directly from high school to Major League Baseball clubs and hundreds of kids to the D-1 college ranks at such places as LSU and the University of Texas.

This team was formed for the purpose of preparing top level players in this age group to take the next step and prepare them for High School and possibly college level competition. It was the dream and goal of team founder Martin White to put together top level talent and combine them with professional coaches who don’t have kids on the team. These are professional coaches with proven backgrounds, each having played at high levels professionally for many years. What this team will be about is teaching the game right from those that learned it from MLB instructors. Next, the team will be about fairness and communication from the top. Last, but far from least, keeping it fun so the kids will still want to play the great game of baseball in future years.

Team founder Martin White has long-standing ties to Sam Carpenter and Jack Sharp of the Dallas Mustangs. The Mustangs are arguably the oldest and most respected select baseball club in the DFW area. Over the years the club has had more kids drafted by MLB teams and had other kids go on to play at the college level than probably all the other clubs in the DFW area have combined. In fact, Jason played for Sam and the Mustangs during his high school days. Jason Stokes credits his being drafted by the Florida Marlins and much of his personal success to his days playing for Sam and the Dallas Mustangs.